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Anti-Bullying Team

At St Joseph’s we have a very productive Anti bullying team.  The children work hard to ensure that all children are happy and safe during their time at school.  The Anti bullying ambassadors (2 from each year group) meet every Friday to share any problems they may have encountered outside and to complete regular up to date training.

Over the last couple of  years, the Anti bullying team has enjoyed completing training with Kate Hillyard (Anti-Bullying and Behaviour Consultant).  They have used this training to develop ways to help support children during playtime and lunchtimes.  They have successfully introduced a new friendship area (a buddy bench), where children can go if they have no-one to play with and a member of the Anti bullying team will come and help them find someone to play with.  They also decided that it would be a good idea to wear a red t-shirt so that they would be easily spotted outside.

The anti-bullying ambassadors have led several assemblies throughout the year to remind children of the important message that if a child ever felt  unhappy about something they must come and tell an adult in school or a member of the Anti Bullying team who can then help them.  They frequently remind the children about different ways to share any friendship problems they may be having by writing their worries in the worry boxes situated in all classrooms or reporting it online via the toot toot website

We have been awarded the 'Anti-Bullying Charter Mark' July 2017 for  all of our hard work in preventing and management of bullying and raising the awareness within our school.  We are very proud of our anti-bullying ambassadors and all of their hard work and they certainly deserve this reward!

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