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FS/KS1 Lenten Liturgy 21.3.18
16 March 2018
Join FS/KS1 for their Lenten Liturgy on Wednesday 21st March 8.50am as they begin their Easter journey.
Y4 and 5 Volleyball 20.3.18
16 March 2018
A group of Year 4 and 5 children will take part in a volleyball match on Tuesday 20th March. Please speak to Miss Brown for more information.
KS2 Lenten Liturgy 20.3.18
16 March 2018
Join KS2 for their Lenten Liturgy on Tuesday 20th March 8.50am as they prepare for Easter.
St Joseph’s Day Mass 19.3.18
14 March 2018
Join us at church for St Joseph’s Day Mass on Monday 19th March 10am.
St Joseph’s Day Fair 16.3.18
11 March 2018
Join us for St Joseph’s Day Fair on Friday 16th March 1.30pm. There will be lots of stalls and the children will have all made crafts to sell too.
Y2 Snappy Spring 16.3.18
11 March 2018
Y2 will take part in Snappy Spring on the morning of Friday 16th March. For more details please speak to Miss Wright.
FS Coastguard talk 16.3.18
11 March 2018
Staithes Coastguard will be coming in to school to talk to Foundation Stage about what they do and how to stay safe near water.
Y5/6 Hockey Match 14.3.18
11 March 2018
A group of Year 5 and 6 children will take part in a Hockey match on Wednesday 14th March 3.45 – 5pm. For more information please speak to Miss Brown.
Communion Mass 11.3.18
1 March 2018
You are invited to join Communion Mass at church on Sunday 11th March 9am. We hope to see you there.
FS Mother’s Day Assembly 9.3.18
1 March 2018
Join FS1, FS2 and Little Joey’s for their Mother’s Day Assembly on Friday 9th March at 11am and 2.15pm (FS1 pm). These assemblies will be followed by tea and cakes.