School Council

Our School Council meet every Tuesday. 2 children from Y1-6 make up the group and they help to develop pupil voice and children's rights.

The School Council develop, improve and discuss new ideas on how to improve our school, help and support our community and the world.

Each class has a School Council ideas book to enable all children to put forward their ideas.

Already, since September 2015, our School Council have

- attended a Development Day at Redcar with 12 other local schools.

- made links with 2 new school councils.

- collected funds for CAFOD Harvest Fast by placing a wishing well in the school hall.

- organised and run a Onesie day for Children in Need and raised £180.06.

- organised and run a Christmas Jumper Day.

-made a wish list for St Joseph's based on the children's thoughts and ideas.

- written a Community letter for bingo donations from local businesses.

- organised and run a Valentine's Day to raise money for the McMillan cancer charity. They raised £315!